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2015-11-16 01:28 pm

Ronny Maze {art}

In which I draw Sam Heughan as Ronny Maze from the independent film Emulsion, by Suki Singh. Gorgeous film noir!

Last night he had a dream. He dreamt that someone loved him. )
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2015-06-29 09:53 pm

Sam Heughan {art}

By now it should be obvious that I've gone and fallen for another show.

And I'm genuinely pleased with this drawing, which is not something I feel like I can honestly say all that often.

In which I draw Sam Heughan (but can't look the drawing in the eyes while I finish it without getting seriously distracted; which is ironic considering my last drawing of Jamie Fraser), and he smoulders at us, gently. )
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2015-05-19 10:45 pm

{art} Jamie Fraser in an hour

I was feeling down today, so I decided to draw. I had a couple of drams of Laphroaig (slainte mhath!) to lower my inhibitions, and drew this.

In which I tipsy sketch Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in a hour. )
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2014-09-18 10:15 pm

{art} for "Falls the Shadow"

Title: Illustrations for "Falls the Shadow," an AfterCamlann Big Bang fic by [ profile] scotscookie
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Merlin
Warnings: None for the art, but the fic does have a fair amount of angst.
Medium: Pencil on sketchbook paper and digital paintings.
Summary: The King is dead. Long Live the King. Camelot is Arthur's now, and Merlin had believed they would achieve their destiny together. But when Arthur pulls away and betrays Merlin utterly, he goes to find the one person who understands his hurt the most.
Notes and art beneath the cut! )
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2013-12-19 10:56 am

Let Your Hearts Be Light {art}

Title: "Let Your Hearts Be Light"
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Rating: G
Characters: Colin Morgan/Rupert Young
Summary: In which Rupert and Colin are relaxed and happy and cuddling.
Art below! )
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2013-10-01 09:07 pm

{fanart} "My Turn" based on Serenity for reel_merlin take 6

Title: "My Turn"
Author: [ profile] altocello
Movie Prompt: Serenity
Character: Morgana
Rating: G
Summary: Morgana as River Tam.
In which I drew a very fierce, heavily armed Morgana. )
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2013-09-13 03:58 pm

{fanart} for "Cry Havoc," a Paperlegends 2013 fic by k_nightfox

Title: Art for "Cry Havoc," a Paperlegends 2013 story by [ profile] k_nightfox
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin
Warnings: Art contains spoilers for the fic, some blood in one illustration, and depictions of slavery (Merlin is collared)
Medium: Chalk pastels, sepia ink, and pencil on toned paper and sketchbook paper, GIMP used to correct contrast, add my sig, and create a sepia tone effect.
Summary: Enslaved by Kanen since childhood, Merlin has been raised to believe his collar is all that keeps him in check. That it is the line between the beast that bites and the dog that obeys... and that either way, he's still an animal. Then one day Kanen's gang is ambushed and in the ensuing confusion, Merlin escapes and flees to Camelot where he attempts to start a new life. However, his old master isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

Art and notes below the cut )