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Hey all!

I am thrilled to say that [profile] gfeather did an amazing thing, and composed (and performed) a stunningly beautiful piece of music called "Freya in the Moonlight" for my Merlin/Freya piece, "Moonlit Floor." I love it so much, it's just gorgeous!

You can click on the song title above to listen to it at her journal (and leave her some love while you're there!) or click on the image below to go to the art post, where you'll find the art and an embedded link to the music, but [profile] gfeather won't hear your squee if you post love at my journal. So go to hers too, OK?

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Ah, first post in my brand new journal. What shall I put here? I know! Art! Fanart, but it's still art!

"Moonlit Floor" by altocello
Warnings: None
Spoilers: I can only hope we'll get to see something like this
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing
A/N: Basically, I was listening to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer and this popped into my head: Merlin slips off to the lake one night and dances with Freya, the lake as their moonlit floor. And then it demanded to be let out. Now. Then I see a prompt while lurking on [ profile] kinkme_merlin asking for art about a stolen moment between Merlin and Freya, and I think, "I'm working on that right now, I should post it." But I had no account. Now I do, and here it is!

[ETA: There is now MUSIC to go with this! [ profile] gfeather created a beautiful companion violin piece, "Freya in the Moonlight," and was kind enough to let me embed it in this post; please please please go leave her love for it HERE!]


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