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Hey all! After deciding somewhat at the last minute that I actually had the wherewithal to participate in the AfterCamlann Big Bang this year, I was lucky enough to snag the summary by blacktail_chorus, whose fusion with His Dark Materials made for some amazing visuals.

In which I made a bunch of portraits and a few chapter breaks for an awesome fic, and I hope you like them. )
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In which I drew the two Queens of Camelot: Gwen is Goddess of Spring, who brings the promise of light and new life, and Morgana is the other side of her coin as Goddess of Autumn, who reaps the final harvest, deals the mortal wound to the King of Light, and brings the balance back in favor of the dark.

Alban Eilir and Alban Elfed )
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Title: "My Turn"
Author: [ profile] altocello
Movie Prompt: Serenity
Character: Morgana
Rating: G
Summary: Morgana as River Tam.
In which I drew a very fierce, heavily armed Morgana. )
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Hey all, I've seen a few of these so far (reni, amph, and mice come to mind) and thought they were neat.
Click to see the neat thing )


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had a kind o' poetry to it

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