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OMG, you guys! Amph drew me a thing for my birthday! A Jamie Fraser thing! With her finger! It's awesome!

There are more exclamation points and the art here!
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I was feeling down today, so I decided to draw. I had a couple of drams of Laphroaig (slainte mhath!) to lower my inhibitions, and drew this.

In which I tipsy sketch Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in a hour. )
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Hey all, so I’ve continued inhaling reading the Outlander books, and remember that meta I did on Jamie Fraser and possessiveness? Unsurprisingly, I have more thoughts on the subject. :D

First things first. As I was making my way through my musings, it became clear that I needed to warn for content. So.

Warning: The following meta contains a lot of me, and references to dub/non-con sexual situations.

I give up, I can't get the cut text to do what I think it should, but it was supposed to say, "In which there are spoilers, a lengthy quote, and I find vindication"
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Hey all, I’ve been really quiet on LJ for a while now. This is largely due to an excessively crazy summer (I still owe you all a post about Italy, which was FAB), and being busy with art for ACBB, school starting up, and me falling head over heels for a new show called Outlander. I’ve been reblogging all the things over on Tumblr with [personal profile] jelazakazone, and squeeing with her and anyone else who will listen. I’ve got it so bad that when she posed a question over there it got me thinking and I’m actually writing up a little post about those thoughts.

In which I have thinky thoughts about Outlander’s Jamie Fraser and possessiveness. )


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