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Hey all!

I am thrilled to say that [profile] gfeather did an amazing thing, and composed (and performed) a stunningly beautiful piece of music called "Freya in the Moonlight" for my Merlin/Freya piece, "Moonlit Floor." I love it so much, it's just gorgeous!

You can click on the song title above to listen to it at her journal (and leave her some love while you're there!) or click on the image below to go to the art post, where you'll find the art and an embedded link to the music, but [profile] gfeather won't hear your squee if you post love at my journal. So go to hers too, OK?

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I've never had this happen before, so I'm a little unclear as to the usual protocol, but I would like to send a huge


to [ profile] fuzzytomato02 who was kind enough to gift me with 2 months of a paid LJ account! If I knew how to make the letters sparkle and be a big rainbow of colors, I would. :D

I would also like to say thank you to my entire flist, who have so liberally decorated me with blue dragons with dubiously proportioned wings, pointy tails, and big smiles, that I've named Merlin. Thanks guys!

{And please accept my apologies for this being a bit late, but RL most inconveniently demanded a lot of attention the last couple of days.}
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Drew this today in a relatively short time (1.5 hours, that's fast for me lately) as a mini-glomp fest for [ profile] mrs_leary.

Clicking makes the picture bigger!

I know, I draw him a lot. But there is a lack of Gaius in the fandom, and I'm just working to help restore the balance or something like that. Had completely ridiculous amounts of fun with Merlin, shamelessly used a reference screencap (guess the episode and scene!), and completely forwent the idea of a background. Medium is a boring old #2 pencil, it's what was handy. :D


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