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2015-11-16 01:28 pm

Ronny Maze {art}

In which I draw Sam Heughan as Ronny Maze from the independent film Emulsion, by Suki Singh. Gorgeous film noir!

Last night he had a dream. He dreamt that someone loved him. )
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2015-09-30 10:05 pm
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so very loved

I am a lucky Beaver, you guys. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, hugs, tweets, posts, art, v-gifts... your love and generosity of spirit is such a gift all in itself.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me have so many Happy Returns of the Day!
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2015-09-30 10:35 am

Amph is Awesome (but we knew that)

OMG, you guys! Amph drew me a thing for my birthday! A Jamie Fraser thing! With her finger! It's awesome!

There are more exclamation points and the art here!
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2015-06-29 09:53 pm

Sam Heughan {art}

By now it should be obvious that I've gone and fallen for another show.

And I'm genuinely pleased with this drawing, which is not something I feel like I can honestly say all that often.

In which I draw Sam Heughan (but can't look the drawing in the eyes while I finish it without getting seriously distracted; which is ironic considering my last drawing of Jamie Fraser), and he smoulders at us, gently. )
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2015-05-19 10:45 pm

{art} Jamie Fraser in an hour

I was feeling down today, so I decided to draw. I had a couple of drams of Laphroaig (slainte mhath!) to lower my inhibitions, and drew this.

In which I tipsy sketch Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in a hour. )
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2015-05-19 07:58 pm

Be My Mirror (the Shielded Sky remix) {art}

In which I created an art remix of [ profile] k_nightfox's gorgeous high fantasy style fic, "A Bright Blade in a Shielded Sky," by representing Merlin's relationship with his hitherto unknown twin, the new King of Ælfheim, Emrys.

Be My Mirror (the Shielded Sky remix) )
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2015-03-10 08:27 pm

I guess Merlinskeep was a cat that had it's nine lives....

Bloody hell. Farfarawaysite (aka Merlinskeep) is down, it looks like for good this time. There go all my Merlin references.

Anyone know of another site that has the promo photos for Merlin?

ETA: THEY'RE BACK! (They've been back for a while, but I kept forgetting to update this post) It looks like they were able to bring back everything that was there before. Yeesh, I hope they can figure out how to separate the concept of the newer shows whose promos might be controversial from the older shows' promos that have been around for years.