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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I got glomped by the need to make a ~something to let you all know how much I love and appreciate you, and this is what eventually happened.

In which I made you guys a Valentine's Day card, complete with silly poem. )
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In which I drew the two Queens of Camelot: Gwen is Goddess of Spring, who brings the promise of light and new life, and Morgana is the other side of her coin as Goddess of Autumn, who reaps the final harvest, deals the mortal wound to the King of Light, and brings the balance back in favor of the dark.

Alban Eilir and Alban Elfed )
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In which Arthur is the Oak King, the God of waxing light, and Merlin is the other side of his coin as the Holly King, the God of waning light.

Alban Helfin and Alban Arthan )
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Title: Quis Separabit
Artists: [personal profile] altocello and [personal profile] amphigoury
Rating: G
Content Notes: Angst. Lots and lots of angst.
Summary: "We will remember them." Merlin goes to the memorial to honor his ghosts.
In which I finally manage to create art for Remembrance Day. )
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Hey all, so I’ve continued inhaling reading the Outlander books, and remember that meta I did on Jamie Fraser and possessiveness? Unsurprisingly, I have more thoughts on the subject. :D

First things first. As I was making my way through my musings, it became clear that I needed to warn for content. So.

Warning: The following meta contains a lot of me, and references to dub/non-con sexual situations.

I give up, I can't get the cut text to do what I think it should, but it was supposed to say, "In which there are spoilers, a lengthy quote, and I find vindication"
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Hey all, I’ve been really quiet on LJ for a while now. This is largely due to an excessively crazy summer (I still owe you all a post about Italy, which was FAB), and being busy with art for ACBB, school starting up, and me falling head over heels for a new show called Outlander. I’ve been reblogging all the things over on Tumblr with [personal profile] jelazakazone, and squeeing with her and anyone else who will listen. I’ve got it so bad that when she posed a question over there it got me thinking and I’m actually writing up a little post about those thoughts.

In which I have thinky thoughts about Outlander’s Jamie Fraser and possessiveness. )
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Title: Illustrations for "Falls the Shadow," an AfterCamlann Big Bang fic by [ profile] scotscookie
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Merlin
Warnings: None for the art, but the fic does have a fair amount of angst.
Medium: Pencil on sketchbook paper and digital paintings.
Summary: The King is dead. Long Live the King. Camelot is Arthur's now, and Merlin had believed they would achieve their destiny together. But when Arthur pulls away and betrays Merlin utterly, he goes to find the one person who understands his hurt the most.
Notes and art beneath the cut! )
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Title: "Let Your Hearts Be Light"
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Rating: G
Characters: Colin Morgan/Rupert Young
Summary: In which Rupert and Colin are relaxed and happy and cuddling.
Art below! )
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Title: "My Turn"
Author: [ profile] altocello
Movie Prompt: Serenity
Character: Morgana
Rating: G
Summary: Morgana as River Tam.
In which I drew a very fierce, heavily armed Morgana. )
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Title: Art for "Cry Havoc," a Paperlegends 2013 story by [ profile] k_nightfox
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin
Warnings: Art contains spoilers for the fic, some blood in one illustration, and depictions of slavery (Merlin is collared)
Medium: Chalk pastels, sepia ink, and pencil on toned paper and sketchbook paper, GIMP used to correct contrast, add my sig, and create a sepia tone effect.
Summary: Enslaved by Kanen since childhood, Merlin has been raised to believe his collar is all that keeps him in check. That it is the line between the beast that bites and the dog that obeys... and that either way, he's still an animal. Then one day Kanen's gang is ambushed and in the ensuing confusion, Merlin escapes and flees to Camelot where he attempts to start a new life. However, his old master isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

Art and notes below the cut )
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Title: Art for "Mr. Pettigrew Lives for a Day," a Paperlegends 2013 Big Bang story by [profile] slashweaver
Artist: [personal profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Gaius/Agravaine
Warnings: Art contains spoilers for the fic
Medium: Mixed: ink, coffee, and chalk pastels on white and toned paper. GIMP used to correct for contrast lost when photographing the originals and to add my sig.
Summary: The world-worn Mr Pettigrew has only one ambition in life, and that is to be a gentleman’s gentleman. Having just been summarily dismissed from his current post, down to his last pennies – and with another Great War looming over London – even this modest goal now seems far beyond his reach. At his lowest ebb, he grasps at an opportunity – and suddenly the shabby yet proper old man finds himself awhirl amidst the glamorous immoral world of beautiful nightclub singer Sir Arthur Pendragon.

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