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This is mostly (OK, almost entirely) a place for me to let my fannish self exist and to post my art. Otherwise I tend to overwhelm those near me in RL with my enthusiasm for a little BBC show called "Merlin," and my complete infatuation with an actor named Colin Morgan.

About Me: I am an American who has lived abroad in Europe as an expat with my family. I'm an amateur artist and musician who also happens to have a pharmacy degree, a husband, and two little kids.

If you really want to know more, I did the Artist of the Month interview for January 2013 over at [profile] fanartivation. There were some really good questions, and it took a surprisingly long time for me to put it all together. If you're curious about my background, my process, and which of my arts I like the best, you should go read it.

What you'll find here: All art is public and will remain so. Personal posts are friends locked. Friend me if you like (I'm a genial sort); if I've seen you around I'll probably friend you back. If I have no idea who you are, I probably won't, but don't take it personally. Feel free to send me a note, and then I'll know you better. :D

So far I've only got art for one fandom, but eventually there may be another... we'll see!


"Let Your Hearts Be Light" | G | Colin Morgan/Rupert Young | Pencil on paper | drawn for the 2013 MerlinRPF Fest II; in which Rupert and Colin are relaxed and happy and cuddling

"When You Needed Saving" | G | Gaius, Merlin | chalk pastel on black paper | drawn for [community profile] merlin_holidays 2013; Gaius caring for an unconscious Merlin

"The Mirror of His Soul" | G | Merlin, Emrys | Pencil on paper | drawn for [profile] merlin_horror 2013; Merlin as Dorian Gray

"My Turn" and "Dangerous" | G | Pencil on paper | drawn for [profile] reel_merlin take 6; Morgana as River Tam in Serenity

"Cry Havoc," "Caged," Enchanted," "Please Let Me," "Merlin's Choice," and a lot of chapter breaks | G | Pencil on paper, chalk pastels on toned paper, and sepia india ink on paper | Art for "Cry Havoc," a Paperlegends 2013 Big Bang story by [profile] k_nightfox

"Fortune's Favor," "Languid," "Tempted," "Mutual Appreciation," and "An Honest Pair of Socks" | G | Sepia ink colored with instant espresso, chalk pastels, and ink on paper | Art for "Mr. Pettigrew Lives For a Day," a Paperlegends 2013 story by [personal profile] mrs_leary

"The Tilt In Yer Kilt" | NSFW | Pencil on paper | Drawn for [profile] perverse_bang 2013 challenge; in which Merlin wears a kilt the way it's supposed to be worn while being utterly shameless in a bathtub

Let's Draw Merlin project | G | Arthur/Merlin | sepia pen and coffee | Arthur thinks he funny, Merlin thinks he's crazy

"Midnight Blue" | G, crossdressing | watercolor pencils on toned paper | my submission for [profile] merlin_art_fest; Merlin in a velvet dress

"And Be, Free (the second Revelation Remix)" | PG-13, nudity, NSFW | another piece for [personal profile] camelotremix in which I remix [personal profile] alby_mangroves' drawble "Bradley Has a Revelation" by having Bradley walk in on Colin a few moments later than he does in alby's drawing.

"Doors Unlocked and Opened (the Revelation Remix)" | G, but partial nudity | Bradley/Colin | for [personal profile] camelotremix, in which I remix [personal profile] alby_mangroves' drawble "Bradley Has a Revelation" by reversing the camera angle

Merlin as Cerunnos Rudolph | M | Merlin | More SFW version of Cerunnos art modified in GIMP

Merlin as Cerunnos | Mature! | Merlin | Watercolor pencil and sepia toned ink on white paper
Drawn for the Creature Project at drawmelot: Merlin as the god Cerunnos. Warning (enticement?): contains an unabashedly naked man

Merlin RPF Big Bang 2012: "It's Complicated" title page, "Conflicted", "Confused", "Contented", "Confident", and chapter break | G | Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson, and Rupert Young | Pencil on paper
Art for "It's Complicated" by mrs_leary, a Merlin RPF Big Bang 2012 story.

Paperlegends 2012: "Awakening," "Burdened," "Strangely Beautiful," title page, chapter breaks, and scene breaks | PG | Arthur/Merlin | Watercolor pencils on toned paper
Art for "The Dragon Within" by gfeather, a Paperlegends 2012 Big Bang story.

Ain't We Just | G | Arthur/Merlin (Firefly crossover) | Sepia pen and instant coffee
A glomp for fuzzytomato02; Captain Arthur Pendragon of the ship Serenity and the Companion Merlin Emrys

After Party | G | Bradley/Colin | Pencil on paper
A gift for [profile] aarins_rou at [community profile] glomp_fest 2012; the boys in the taxi after the after party...

Looking for Solutions to the Impossible | G | Gaius, Merlin | Pencil on paper
For the [personal profile] merlin_games Tournament of Champions; Gaius and Merlin do what they always do when they're presented with an impossible problem-- they research it.

Merlin's Favorite | G | Arthur | graphite on grey paper
Illustration for the lovely "Gray Lace and Satin Roses" by [personal profile] riventhorn, drawn for the [profile] merlin_ficart Challenge #5.

Gaius as The Eagle | G | Gaius | watercolor pencil on black paper
Drawn for the Celtic Animals Project collaboration at [community profile] drawmelot, this was my pinch-hit assignment. It's exactly what it says.

Balinor as The Griffin | G | Balinor | watercolor pencil on black paper
Drawn for the Celtic Animals Project collaboration at [community profile] drawmelot: exactly what it says

Nothing If Not Game | G but probably NSFW | Gwaine/Merlin | Pencil on paper
Inspired by the fic "Good, Giving, and Gwaine" written by [ profile] junkshop_disco for Kinkspiration, Round 2, Crossdressing: Gwaine in a corset

feathers | G, but again probably NSFW | Arthur | Sepia ink on paper
Abandoned, then picked up again, idea from my gwaine_quest Oktoberquest 2011 piece: Arthur in a corset and feathers

The Lost Bet | G, but crossdressing | Arthur/Gwaine | pencil on paper
Drawn for the [ profile] gwaine_quest Oktoberquest 2011 challenge: Arthur loses a bet to Gwaine, who then gets to choose Arthur's costume

Merlin RPF Big Bang 2011: I Thought of the Right Words, and Title Page | G | Arthur/Merlin | pencil on paper, manipulated in GIMP
Illustration and title page drawn for the fic "I only wish that I could hear you whisper down" by [ profile] freakgeeknation

Paperlegends Big Bang 2011: Branded, Questions and Answers, and page breaks | G, but implied slavery themes | Arthur/Merlin | pencil on paper, GIMP
Illustrations, title page, and page breaks for the fic "Why We Fight" by [ profile] pallorsomnium

Broken Mist | G | Gwaine/Merlin | pencil on paper
Drawn for the [ profile] gwaine_quest April prompt challenge: Gwaine is the only person who can get Merlin to come back when he goes missing after a shape change.

Gaius Amused | G | Gaius, Merlin | pencil on paper
Drawn as a gift for [ profile] mrs_leary during glomp_fest: it's exactly what the title says

Gaius as Taurus | G | Gaius | watercolor pencil on paper
Drawn for the [ profile] drawmelot Merlin Zodiac Project collaboration: again, it's exactly what the title says

Moonlit Floor | G | Freya/Merlin | GIMP
Inspired by the song, "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer: Merlin slips away one night to dance with Freya on the lake


These are windows into my creative process. Each has a series of photos/screencaps taken of the piece as it's created, with commentary by me. If you're interested in finding out how I get from idea to finished piece, look at these.

I Thought of the Right Words



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