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In which I created an art remix of [ profile] k_nightfox's gorgeous high fantasy style fic, "A Bright Blade in a Shielded Sky," by representing Merlin's relationship with his hitherto unknown twin, the new King of Ælfheim, Emrys.

I was absolutely delighted (and terrified, again, lol) by my remixee this year; [ profile] k_nightfox, I hope you feel I've done your fic justice with this drawing of mine. I really struggled with finding a way to make this not just a straight up illustration, but an actual factual remix of your tale. In the end I decided that making art for it is really a remix in it's own right, and I hope you agree!

Title is taken from a line of Coldplay's song, "Viva La Vida."

I owe hugely huge thanks to my beta, [ profile] amphigoury, for holding me accountable for all those things that really do have to get fixed. *hugs* Thanks also to [ profile] rocknvaughn and [ profile] jelazakazone, cheerleaders extraordinaire, for their support as I agonized over everything. And more thanks go to the gsd chat folks (you know who you are! :D) for being there when I needed an extra boost of motivation.

Drawn with a digital tablet in GIMP.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fanwork; no harm intended, no money made.

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Date: 2015-05-20 05:47 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I loved how this piece turned out! I know we went through a few palettes, but the final colours really worked out!! Man, jsut something about Merlin with the long hair! Gets me! AND the glowing balls worked out great too!!!

**HIGH FIVES** WELL DONE, YOU!!!! I'm glad to have helped!

Date: 2015-05-20 05:54 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
LOL, the color scheme. Ahahahahaha, yeah. I'm glad I ended up here too, though the unintentional rastafarian phase was funny. I do love Merlin with long hair. And YAY! I managed the glowy balls! Thanks for all your help, Amph!! <333


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