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In which I drew the two Queens of Camelot: Gwen is Goddess of Spring, who brings the promise of light and new life, and Morgana is the other side of her coin as Goddess of Autumn, who reaps the final harvest, deals the mortal wound to the King of Light, and brings the balance back in favor of the dark.

This is a continuation of a theme I started with Alban Arthan and Alban Helfin, in which I have pulled very heavily from the Druidic traditions. Alban Eilir, or "The Light of the Earth" (spring equinox), represents waking of the earth as the days finally become longer than the nights, and Alban Elfed, or "The Light of the Water" (autumnal equinox), represents the final harvest of the year, as the nights become longer than the days. You can learn more about Druidic traditions and festivals here.

Also on
AO3 | Tumblr | DW (coming soon!)

The other half of the OT4 (Alban Arthan and Alban Helfin) can be found in lots of places too:

AO3 | Tumblr | DW | LJ

Many thanks are due to [ profile] rocknvaughn, cheerleader extraordinaire, for helping me refine the ideas behind this, and to [ profile] jelazakazone, [ profile] amphigoury, [ profile] k_nightfox, and everyone in the mibbit #gsd_fandom chat for all the encouragement; you guys all rock! <3

Find more lovely Lady Inspired works at the multi-fandom Half a Moon festival, which is running from 1 Feb to 14 Feb.

Thank you for looking! Comments are adored!

Disclaimer: These are non-profit fanworks; no harm intended, no money made.
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